Jackie Paris

Reviews for The Intimate Jackie Paris

Here are some of the things critics have said about Jackie's last album.

Scott Yanow in the LA Jazz Scene:

One of the first male jazz singers to explore bebop, Jackie Paris has been an underground legend for decades, only recording on a very infrequent basis. However, as this recently released late-1999 recording shows, his vocal chops are still in prime form. The set (available from www.jackieparis.com) is a bit unusual for the singer is heard accompanying himself on guitar, with the only other musician being bassist Mike Richmond. Since Paris had never recorded on guitar before, the project is somewhat surprising but quite successful. Mostly sticking to ballads, Paris shows that he is still a fine (if vastly underrated) singer, with the better selections including “But Beautiful,” “’Tis Autumn,” “This Is Always” and “Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye.” Paris had been accompanying his vocal students on guitar for years and he sounds quite comfortable doing the same for himself. This very welcome release is easily recommended to fans of warm jazz-influenced vocalists. Hopefully Jackie Paris will have opportunities to record more often in the future.



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